Captains- Lee and Carlos

First Mates- Andrew and Callum

    Here is some information about us here at Grand Bend Parasail:

  Established in Grand Bend Ontario, Canada in 2012. Parasail over beautiful Lake Huron, Grand Bend Beach. Our staff have a combined 15+ years experience in Parasailing and watersports.

 Captain - Lee Marcoux is a Canadian born avid water sportsman mainly growing up in the Caribbean. Working on yachts and living aboard his sailboat with his young family. Lee is versed in the safety aspects and can easily read the wind, wave, weather conditions that can be fast changing. Worked as a "Rigger" (inspection and repair of gear) in the  Skydiving industry for many years inspecting parachutes, maintenance and packing chutes. An accomplished B.A.S.E. Jumper with over a 1000 jumps to date and many students over the 12 year period. This gives Grand Bend Parasail the leading edge in safety and the ability to instruct  passengers and Crew professionally & check Parachutes and gear for wear. Captain Lee has acquired the regulated Commercial Captains license's through Transport Canada's required courses.

 Captain Carlos Ramos- An avid Skydiver and Videographer and years of experience working parsail boats here and in the Caribbean. Carlos has been with Grand Bend Parasail from near the beginning and has accumulated a huge amount of experience and has gone through his Transport Canada Regulated courses. When not at work, you'll always find Carlos on the water, sailing and living the life aboard his sailboat. Or possibly at the Drop Zone in Grand Bend skydiving! 

   Crew/First Mates- Andrew Puerto and Callum Rollings were an perfect fit and match with Grand Bend Parasail. With a few seasons of training and experience, their knowledge of parachutes and parasailing have excelled and are able to understand the demands of different chutes used for various weights/wind conditions of the day. Great energy and fun at all times on board! They also have a great eye for Photo's/video which makes for an invaluable part of this operation.