​Below are most of the Frequently Asked Questions that we get, hopefully this will answer your questions. If not, feel free to text, call, or email us anytime.

1. Q- "Do I have to get wet?"

A- You never have to get wet actually. Only if you would like a refreshing dip in the water before you come back aboard. And it will only go as high as your waist as the lifejacket will not permit you to go any further. You will take off from the platform on the "back" of the boat and come back the same way via hydraulic winch system.

2. Q- "What are the weight limits/restrictions? Ie- Children?" 

A- Weight limits are set due to the conditions at the time. Weight minimums and maximums are safely set considering the wind speed and water conditions. So call ahead for our limits that day, usually 400lbs is a usual safe set anytime yet can go much higher in the right conditions. If you have a large group, the Captain and Crew will safely combine people together for their flights. Children are always welcome and love parasailing. We have children's harnesses and  lifejackets. Its mainly a weight issue, so if the child is small it is best to go with others to assist with a weight limit minimum. 

3. Q- "Is there any skill required? Or a course?"

A- There are no courses required, and instructions will be done aboard by our experienced Crew. Just enjoy the boat ride and flight!

4. Q- "Where do I buy a ticket?/Gift Certificate"

A- The kiosk is located on the Main Street in Grand Bend. You will see a yellow kiosk with grass thatch on it with PARASAIL in black Next to the sidewalk. Gift Cetrificates can also be purchased through  email or just text us. We accept all major Credit Cards ( Amex, Discover, Visa, Mastercard )  or an Etransfer/Money Order can be sent into us as well, it's that easy!

5. Q- "How safe is Parasailing?"

A- Parasailing is very safe and our Captain and Crew are Registered commercially as well. Gear inspection is done daily and strict regulations are set by our Captain in regarding wind conditions and weights. Any repairs to be required are sent to the manufacturer and inspected there as well.

6. Q- "How long is the ride?"

A- With a full boat load you can expect to be on the vessel for an hour minimum. This will include a scenic boat ride with great music plus our fun and energetic Crew.  Average flights are 8-10min typically.

7. Q- "Do you offer any discounts?" "Is it expensive?" 

A- Yes we do! Keep in mind that the prices DO include tax/hst. Prices are still remaining the same for our third year now, and will try to maintain that. Yet remember there are a lot of overhead in this type of business- Insurance for a year and only operate a few months, Gear, Fuel (need say more..). So to do discounts we operate with Groups and Early Bird times. Groups start at 10+ people, plus a bigger discount if your group exceeds 15, which with Events you may require us to come to you. Early Birds are $75pp and with large group rates the discounts can be as little as $60pp!

8. Q- "Can I bring a friend to watch?"

A- Sure can! "Observers" are on a stand by basis, yet are usually not a problem. Flyers are priority when boat loads are set. The Observer will be given a ticket and if the boat does fill up the kiosk will call you or the Captain will inform the Observer that the load is full therefore a refund will be set in full. Observers also have the option to Fly if they change there mind. Just inform the Crew and all you need is to do is pay the remaining amount! 

9. Q- "What should we bring?"

A- Being on the boat for the cruise and flight it is recommended to put on sunscreen or bring it with you. Camera's are always a great idea, or just use your cell phone. There will be GoPro rental available onboard if you would like or book ahead for a camera. It comes with a 8GB chip and is yours with the purchase of the rental. At only $40 thats a bargain! Feel free to bring a towel and there is a small storage on the boat for you sandals/shoes. Mainly just bring yourself, we will take care of everything else.